Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday, is today to marine park and 11:00, but tomorrow we got up early and went to the City Park next to the Ning Jingshan to pick fruit, because grandma and Grandpa lived in calm mountain.
After we under Ning-Jing-Shan, shoes start climbing to the top about 1 minute. A good atmosphere on the Hill, Grandpa takes us to his orchard.
Wow … … Great grandpa’s Orchard, planted many fruit trees, watermelon, strawberry trees and pineapple tree … … Because I am too small climbing trees, Grandpa will climb up the watermelon tree and picked up a lost the biggest watermelon for Dad, Dad would pick up with one hand!
Good is the fire in the sky fruit orchards like Apple, pear, coconut and so on … … Grandfather wore some coconuts and Peel coconuts with their feet down, to seeds, then for everyone to eat. Good coconut delicious! I have had more than 20 much less. Cousin take coconut pick my face, painful death! Eat fruit year picnic, we the Pacific Mountain intermediate Himalayas mountains to play and listen to push teachers congratulated Ma Yashan is the highest mountain in the world.
Blatantly not cheat us, I climbed up with my cousin, Western Ontario got 2 minutes to get to the top, I die. Then cousin launch we jumped all the way, iron, monk-like feel, can be very cool, but I dare not, said: crazy jump (air line). Cousin is afraid to jump. Later we still feel very hot, to the top hot springs. Good cold springs oh is indeed a good quarter of the Himalayas.
Then cousin asked me if I had no money, he sees peak near McDonald’s are sold. Dead cousin, I beg for loans at a time!
We also purchase time, hear my mother calling us home across the peak, had to be reluctant to go. Hirayama Himalayas is a fun place, I’ll have to call MOM and dad took us to play with.
Dad said if the exam, my first this Sunday, he will take me to Tokyo, Beijing, Beijing, I most want to go to Tokyo, because my cousin lives in West Beijing. She said handout is deceptive, Tokyo has higher than the Himalayan mountains, perhaps to climb 3 minutes, on the inside there is a large market with the girls of paradise, and clear Creek. I have to have a good hard work then told my father took me to go round to play.

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