I’m tired of being manipulated

United States 12 noon local time on June 25, 21 minutes, rescue key received from the heerbeishan mansion in Los Angeles to get to save German law. But less than an hour, United States well-known gossip website TMZ in the eyes of most backs a decree proclaiming the global shock of a scoop. Reports just a few sentences, is full of passive voice, ambiguous news source. “We understand that Michael Jackson was an ambulance into a hospital. We were told two heart Stoppers…… ”

Now, Jackson is gone, left with a fantasy with claims, this may be the best way to get rid.
Oh heaven no ethnic contempt, do not get into people.

Michael • Jackson was born August 29, 1958, 12:13 noon, United States, Indiana, reduction in the city.

Life is reputable? Was I? King of Pop?

A former pop star
Two: stream music King (the King of Pop)
Three: Western pop music’s most influential musicians
Four: historically most successful artist in the world (2006, fierce monks, world records issued the latest certification)
Five: global to personal charitable donations kind miracle most people (he had one support 39 Compassion Relief Foundation in the world, adhere to a 2006 Guinness man kind of good records)
VI: “the best blues men’s feet” made (gelaihao)
Seven: “tell President Award” lost (1984, United States President Ronald Reagan as a reward he is not drunk-driving effect in the campaign for excellence, invited him to the White House and awarded the President Prize of humanity to him)
Eight: the “Entertainer of the Decade” award (1990, he was President Bush’s invitation to the White House was awarded “best artist of the Decade Award”)
Nine: album sales in the world’s first (he owns of the THRILLER world sales of the first album, sold more than 104 million, that was in 2006 the Guinness Book of world records certified data)
Ten: first place in the history of music in the United States other than selling millions of albums artist

I feel these is not being a major, because he deserves it. Then, what is the important? “Black people”, in grief, and thin to remember! Invented the “King” went to far too many things to us! From the age of 5, he was on the stage in his, once again, gave us a few delighted, how much madness! As for us? Even the most basic life career out the recess! Got to go with deformities, child abuse to slander him!

Not heart to learn that Michael Jackson–from the media because he is black!
Listen to his songs, went to look at his Neverland Valley Ranch.
The separate or you will feel that he is not a sad thing!

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