I always think of you

I’ve been thinking about you and me, always wondering if you, you know? Every day I’m waiting for you, waiting for you, really good, really sweet. Even though I know you won’t be able to come today, and I still wait for you … … When you sometimes think you, think we’ve met before. you know what? I always you I have two unique home, watching you move on the network and would like to tell you, I really miss you, love you, too, but didn’t dare come near you! I turned see with past of chat son records, aftertaste with you of voice, you of smile, sentiment with I and you Zhijian of that deep of feelings, had repeatedly of on you said: I really of wants to you, really of wants to you, love you I on wants to trip had that seasonal River ___ you know did? I like and you in with chat son of feel, I hobby see you that crystal of eyes, and you in with Shi, heart on has has wishes, on no has lonely

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