Shu Qi ~ complete metamorphosis

I really watch an actress Shu Qi.

At her appearance in the BAD BOY spy, the pure machine girl ELEVEN, then falls in love with the woman of the fairies.

Shu Qi book entitled breaking Hui lin, was a rebellious rocker girl, worked as a model, aphrodisiacs , photographed nude photo set, the Hong Kong director Wong Jing fancy, led to the development of Hong Kong, taking a stage name of Hong Kong film critic Mr Shu Kei sounds like, and in 1996 starred in three films, “Jade futon 2”, affirms that big noise.

Her potential was once mining Maggie Cheung, Anita Yuen, appreciated actress acting Director Derek yee, Stewart the man invited her and the late Leslie Cheung, Shu Qi play is a young Porn actress, natural living, won the 1997 Hong Kong film award for best supporting actress and best new artist, was in an unfavourable light.

Then Shu Qi CA such as snowflakes flew, in a number of trade, can still be obtained by the hongxing 13 girls ‘ 1998 Golden Horse Award for best supporting actress, prove that white power. Shu Qi profess to be played after the sometimes dance directed by Stanley Kwan, beginning to understand acting, but the film’s poor box-office.

Shu Qi in Taiwan was born in 1999 and returned to Taiwan, starring Zhang Huilan (now renamed Jiang Huilan) directed the child Mowgli, Shu Qi, one of only three films, and his mother Jin Yanling had an excellent mother and daughter play.

God of pleasure, once passed and Shu Qi, producer Hsu Li-like Shu Qi, has published invitation to Hsu Chi yan Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Shu Qi later finds these remarks show ceding the role to Zhang Ziyi, and Zhang Ziyi red through the sky.

She has taken Luc Besson (Luc Besson) Executive producer of Hollywood films of the extraordinary human traffickers (The Transporter), but the achievement is not good. Hou Hsiao-hsien is Hsu Chi zhuzi. Their first match of the Millennium Mambo, Cannes competition finalist names, but didn’t win, Hou Shu Qi is said to be sad and cry, he was sorry, as surely as tailor-made to be concerned about Shu Qi movie.

Best of time film points three paragraph, “youth dream” is Aizhen Tan of female Jin of story, actress premature, and has first nature epilepsy, remains double sex love, on future loss; “free dream” in Shu Qi incarnation 1910 generation of art da, and national sense strongly of lover helpless joint, helpless; “love dream” is Hou Hsiao-hsien personal experience, Shu Qi played hit ball shop sister, military service of juvenile on she love, she Hi in heart. Shu Qi provocative 3 different roles in the film, also said turning emotions, different grades of acting interpretation of great accuracy, won world acclaim.

Shu Qi, after Jin Maying the Honorable Milton write valuable, despite all the brave that year off, of course, made her a gun and red, rid of star image for many years, however it is difficult to escape. Later Shu Qi tried others attention! In the best of times, female aphrodisiac powder , Shu Qi challenge 3 completely different roles, different levels of acting interpretation of great accuracy, good public praise.

Home to Taiwan won best actress for Shu Qi could not help but was moved to tears, because at this moment, she finally win the vase out of sexy actress image, let a person see the full evolution of Shu Qi. Shu Qi when the Jin Maying, winning is not only a Golden Horse Awards, and about her determination and respect, the most important is to realize she had made a vow: “I have to take off my clothes, and one by one put back.”

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